Medicare For Dummies In 2021

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Overview of Medicare For Dummies in 2021

You hear about it on commercials. Your grandparents or parents have a card saying they are on it. But, you wonder what is Medicare? Do you want some enlightenment? This article is here to provide you with it even if you feel you need Medicare for Dummies in 2021.

Medicare For Dummies In 2021

Rest assured you are not a dummy. Medicare is a simple health insurance program for certain people, but the rules and options change all the time making understanding it sometimes complicated. The basics for those who want an overview of Medicare for Dummies in 2021 are:

Medicare is for individuals 65 and over. It is also for people under 65 with specific disabilities. Anyone of any age who has late-stage renal disease is qualified for the program. This means the person has permanent kidney failure and needs dialysis or a kidney transplant.

If you meet any of the above criteria, you qualify for Medicare coverage. The coverage is broken down into different parts. Part A, B, and D are the ones you will hear the most about.

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance. It pays for inpatient care but does not cover long-term care. It will also cover some home health care costs as well as hospice care. There are no premiums for this care as it was taken from taxes paid through payroll when a person was employed.

Part B is regular medical insurance. It pays for doctor visits. It will also cover some services that Part A doesn’t – like physical therapy. Durable medical equipment is also covered under Part B. Individuals pay their own premium for Part B.

Part D is prescription drug coverage. Most people have to pay a premium to get this coverage.

All the information you need, including the latest changes to all rules and regulations, can be found at

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